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Standalone DVD/Videotape Production

Live Television Production (Studio & Mobile)

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Original Programming

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How We Accomplish The Mission

Pre-production is the foundation of any visual project. It's like the foundation of a house or building-- if not done correctly, it will bring the entire project tumbling down around you. At Hawkeye Productions, we know planning. Whether it is arranging for a location to shoot, booking a large or small crew, getting permission to use copyrighted materials, or writing the script--we have you covered. Our experienced management and technical staff will have everything you need for your production ready to go, on-time and within budget. Let the professionals at Hawkeye Productions make it easy on you!

Production is the construction phase of any visual project. To construct anything, you need the best people and equipment you can find. At Hawkeye Productions, we use award-winning personnel and state-of-the-art equipment to produce high-quality visual projects. With this in mind, we have built relationships with the finest & most creative studios, mobile production trucks, satellite companies, graphics & animation houses, casting agencies, sound engineers, and field crews in the United States. As well, the Hawkeye Production Team is award-winning and innovative. So, your project involves live-event coverage, mobile production, field production, animation, graphics, actors, sound effects/sweetening, original scoring, special lighting/effects, web/computer applications, satellite transmission, captioning/subtitling, etc.? Not a problem--call Hawkeye Productions!

Post-production is the finishing phase of a visual project. Our editors, transfer facilities, and duplication houses put on the finishing touches, to make the project the high-quality, visually-appealing product you envisioned in the first place. We excel in this area, as well. We have built relationships with creative, award-winning post-production facilities in the United States, from Seattle to Miami. Disseminating your project is very important to us, too. We work closely with several duplicating facilities that can get you 1 or 100,000 copies of your show fast! Give Hawkeye Productions the chance to make you a satisfied client!

DVD Production

Hawkeye Productions is a one-stop shop for your DVD Production. We produce the materials for the DVD, edit them together per your specifications, create the menus, add captioning & subtitling, and duplicate as many copies as you need. Government Clients...Section 508 compliance is a specialty of ours.

I Can Subtitle AND
Caption a DVD?

The short answer is "Yes!"

Buy us a latte sometime, and we'll explain.

Is Webcasting Hard?

The short answer is "No!"

Buy us a second latte, and we'll explain that, too.