"Darren Williams is a superb studio director and technical magician.

But it is on the road that Darren's skills really come into play. He is very imaginative in incorporating local flavor into his shots. In Toronto, for example, he deftly wove the city's popular streetcars into a program about electric generation in North America.

Darren has a knack for difficult local situations. In Doha, Qatar, he persuaded a reluctant sound technician that it was all right to put women on television. In the Canary Islands, he acted a producer and director, corralling a group of Nobel laureates for interviews.

As we do not know what awaits us on these trips--local crews, customs, natural lighting, self-important people--it is Darren's technical and people skills that shine through. They are magical."

- Llewllyn King, Executive Producer & Host, White House Chronicle

"I just received notification that the Montgomery County Recycling Program PSAs won two bronze Tellys in the categories of Local TV & Local Cable/Public Service and Local TV & Local Cable/Special Effects.

Great job on all this. Thanks for everything! "

- Christina Caravoulias, Technical Resources International, Inc.

"Thanks so much--a super job.

I hope we work together again on another project soon."

- Herb Puscheck, Rose River Publishing

"We had a very positive experience with you…"

- Wolford McCue, Mitchell & McCue

"I really appreciate everyone's efforts in making yesterday's satellite broadcast such a success…it was a pleasure to work with all of you and I look forward to more opportunities in the future."

- Andy Persily, NIST

"The viewer response for our Satellite Broadcast & Webcast was very positive. 94% of the viewers who completed the online evaluation form following the broadcast indicated that they were very satisfied with the program and its components (i.e., they felt the program was informative, flowed smoothly, was well-organized, offered enough time for questions and answers, was applicable, and was an effective way to get industry updates).

My thanks for a job well done! "

- Rosy Douglas, ASHRAE

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so very much for all the hard work and enormous patience in working with this project. We really truly appreciate it."

- Claudia Alsina, Rockpointe Corporation

"Your testimonial could be right here!"

- You

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