Pay No Attention to the Wizard Behind the Curtain

3:2 Pulldown, IEEE 1394, 24p Stutter, Anti-aliasing, Lossy compression, Pan and Scan (place your own uber-geek words here).

You just want to be back in Kansas, not figuring out how Oz is put together. That's our job. We're the Good Witch.

You also probably were asked to do this by your boss, not because you have a burning need to learn a new language. You have a day job, as well as putting together this audio-visual project. So, let us help. That's why we're here.

Are These Testimonials Real?

Yes, these are from actual clients. They are real.

Sometimes, some of the visuals we create don't actually exist in the real world (See earlier Oz reference), but these testimonials--they're real.